Chapel fun

by Tilly Loom

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released 01 December 2013
songs written and recorded by tilly loom in his dorm room and parents' house using a broken keyboard, iphone drum app, shite guitars, and restrained, old-person larynx

mitchell young: album & bonus art


tags: pop Austin


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Track Name: I don't know what i'm doing anymore
When you are feeling so down
I know how bad this will sound
But Deep into your heart I found
A reason to stick around

Because everyday I feel
Like everyone isn't real
They all just want a juicy peal
But you can help my mind heal

No no no
Death and fear don't feel too queer
It's the false misconceptions that they hold
They don't understand that this is there chance
To feel something unfold

Want to believe that this is just what I see
And underneath all of this
Lays some golden bliss not just rotten piss
And to the heavens I will be
Track Name: Song for haley (the beatles didn't exist)
and lucy
we were poor
but could see
over the field
Track Name: Lizard crunch (Lifechoke2000)
you said you wouldnt care what i would wear to your parents funeral
who knew death could be so dull?
you said you wouldnt care if i cut off my hair but when i did you looked so mad
and i thought i was going mad

you said you wouldnt care if i had an affair with your lovely friend
i didnt know it would mean the end
because you said you wouldnt care whose heart i would ensnare
but in the end you were so right
ill be all alone tonight
ill be all alone tonight
ill be alone all my life
Track Name: Hurt
when will i die will i learn to fly when will i die will you say good bye when i die
Track Name: Ugly ii
i dont like my body
and you know that
i dont like my body
i feel so fat
Track Name: The LSD
I dropped the LSD
Into the toilet today
And I've never felt so good
If you can't seem to believe
come speak with me
And see just how it could

You see the forest for the weed
But all I see is trees
Try it for me just one time
This wicked world conquered me
It made me scream and bleed
But it was really quite sublime
Track Name: Dan C.
in my mind we are killers blood spillers with a taste for love
and our mothers feed us their fetus and children thereof
Track Name: Touchingly elm
cough! cough! cough!
Track Name: I love you good bye
The world is ending today
And I don't know what to say
To you before we both die
I love you good bye

I wish I talked to you more
But you would think I'm a bore
I can't tell you a lie
I love you good bye

Even when the afternoon is sunny
even when you say something funny
I can't stop myself from running
even though you look so stunning
yea you look so stunning
Track Name: End of the world song
Watch me disappear
As I walk without fear
To the end of all that's here

Bright lights and awful noises
Children scream and lose their voices
We are running out of choices

Ascend with me to space
Or stay to watch the race
Of the people out of place

We'll practice getting high
For the last seconds before we die
There's no reason to not give it a try

We'll be the last to laugh

Lay under the sheets
As the skies they speak
Thunderous voices peek in our ears

Cry a single tear
As we hold back our fear
It is the end of all that's here

it is the end

i love you
Track Name: Heavenly
its been a while since i saw ur face u didnt seem the same
you didnt smile had nothing to say i felt so ashamed

light up the world light up my life
you were the girl that stole the night

now were all caught up on what it is right
all the meanings gone out of sight
its been washed out with the tide
along with our alibis

light up the world light up my life
you were the girl that stole the night

light the flame that burns my soul
feel the pain thats in us all
light the torch that guides the way
on the path to the end of all days

light up the world light up my life
you were the girl that stole the night